Shelley MacDonald

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From a young age I always knew I was going to grow up and be some kind of artist. I started my first jewellery business age 14 selling at local farmers markets, and in 2005 I started selling beaded jewellery at the Halifax farmers market while attending NSCAD University..

I earned my B.F.A in Jewellery Design and metalsmithing from NSCAD University in Halifax N.S in 2011. I have been designing and creating jewellery since age 14.

I interpret natural elements in metal to obscure the connection between botanical and natural forms.

I challenge myself to represent the relationship between natural elements and the lines and shape of the body, while maintaining the strength inherent in metal.

I draw my inspiration from the northern landscapes and beauty of my visual environment, which emulates through my more recent collections.

From my small studio, I use a variety of materials including sterling silver, gold, gold nuggets, gemstones, fur and more. All of my pieces are handmade and one of a kind.
I use an array of techniques such as fabrication, casting, piercing, riveting and soldering to create each piece.

 - Shelley

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