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Beaded hearts fur decor pillow by Lisa Dewhurst

Beaded hearts fur decor pillow by Lisa Dewhurst

Rabbit fur & hearts decor pillow ❤️ four rabbit pelts and lots of love went in to making this one of a kind luxe accent piece for your home. Approx. 2’ x 1’.

I love decor and beading.  And when I decided to design a pillow I wanted fur and beads.   I was also inspired by the "hearts in the window" campaign of Covid.  I beaded something entirely different at first,  didn't like it, then came back to my original idea with hearts.   Very fitting as  we certainly have had many matters of the "Heart" this past month, physically, emotionally and spirituality.  But that is life at times,  our hearts fall and get lifted, are supported, and hurt, get fixed  and loved, scarred and repaired,  but truly always remain beautiful!

Dewhurst, who is of the Nlaka'pamux nation of Merritt, B.C., lives in Teslin. There, she has been adopted into the Kukhittan Clan of the Teslin Tlingit (Raven Children) and has been given the Tlingit name of Keis.ey, which refers to the time just before the dawn breaks.    

She has worked for more than a decade managing the Teslin Tlingit Heritage Centre. She stepped away from the role in August 2019 to focus on developing other initiatives and opportunities, including curating a travelling exhibition of Yukon First Nations’ graduation regalia in 2020. Lisa was also recently appointed as the First Nation advisor for the Yukon Arts Centre.