Floral mocs by Minnie Clark

Floral mocs by Minnie Clark

Women’s size 8 - Sherpa lining, commercial hide, beaver fur trim.

Minnie & her four siblings were raised out on the family trapline at Johnson’s Crossing.  Her parents homesteaded, trapped, and fish-guided during the early years of raising the children.  There was no electricity, telephone or television and the children were taught to appreciate the value of hard work and a good book.  When the children weren’t digging the family basement with shovel & wheelbarrow, they were attending primary school in Teslin.  As they got older and were ready for high school, they were boarded out at the dormitories in Whitehorse and this is where they got their first taste of the comforts of electricity and television.  What a far cry from the taped series of Sesame Street watched during lunch period at Teslin School!  Minnie spent 30 years working for the government – she finally retired and now spends ALL day at Timberpoint.  She has also pursued her photography hobby and spends the majority of the year outdoors chasing the light, so to speak!  Her photography can be found on the walls of the Nisutlin Trading Post in Teslin, or online through her Facebook account or Flickr.

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  • Designed and made in Yukon Nunavut NWT BC

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