Forget-me-not floral shawl by Kaylyn Baker

Forget-me-not floral shawl by Kaylyn Baker

The MOST stunning shawl! From the intricate beading and tufting to the embroidery hide work, Kaylyn is a master of all. Each and every piece she brings in blows my mind ❤️

From Kaylyn:  

I’ve always loved these little flowers, I think they’re so romantic haha I think Thumbelina is partly to blame 😋 I also grew up in Alaska & these are the state flower of AK, so it always reminds me of my other home 💚💙 This pattern was inspired by beadwork from my great grandma Elsie as well ❤️ 24 karat gold plated rounds, delicas, seed beads, and size 11 & 15 Charlotte cuts; French greasy pony trader blue seed beads, vintage French Sioux green seed beads, antique Italian yellow/green seed beads, vintage Venetian opal light sapphire seed beads, caribou hair tufting, emeralds, Swarovski crystals, abalone, amethyst, & B.C. Jade, double layer of ultra fine deer hide fringes, backed w/ hometanned hide.

Kaylyn Baker is a Northern Tutchone & Tlingit woman from the Yukon. She is an avid beader, using various textiles to create her own designs, translating her work into mukluks, moccasins, and purses among many other things!

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