Grandma’s Love necklace by Maria Rose Sikyea

Grandma’s Love necklace by Maria Rose Sikyea

💗 Grandmothers' Love 💗 Super thrilled with the outcome of this! It is in the light of my Grandmothers. Something delicate and pure, like their love. The violet took me over three hours to tuft with delicate coloured caribou hair. Some of the beads were around when my Grandmothers on my Father’s side were still alive. They're circa 1900s... This piece is made with: jade stone, sea appetite, sage green crystal, blue whitehearts, three sizes and different grades of green whitehearts (some are circa 1900s), hometanned smoked moosehide, very old lost wax ivory coast african bicone brass beads, 925 sterling silver and gold 14k findings & 100% teal silk tassel. 

Dangle of 13 1/2” length.

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