Granny Hanky canvas & hide wraparounds by Minnie Clark

Granny Hanky canvas & hide wraparounds by Minnie Clark

Granny Hanky canvas & hide wrap-arounds - women’s size 10. Home tanned moose hide, Granny Hanky vamps, water resistant canvas and Kamik liners.

Minnie is a Tlingit women from the Johnson's Crossing area of the southern Yukon Territory. She was raised on the family trapline, along with four other siblings, and attended elementary school in the nearby community of Teslin. 

Both of Minnies' parents were very artistic; her father having emigrated from England after the war, was a fishing guide who painted with oils and acrylics, and her mother practiced the Tlingit traditional methods of hide preparation, and tanned moose & caribou hides. Her mother was a very talented artist who beaded, and crafted lovely moccasins and mittens; utilizing many of the hides she had caught on the trapline, and then home tanned. Today, much of the fur that Minnie utilizes in her crafts are from the family trapline, which she and her husband continue to harvest annually. 

Much of her appreciation for nature, vivid colours, as well as her eye for composition, are mainly attributed to both her parents' love of the land, and the lifestyle in which they raised their children.

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