Ivory beaver charm by Vashti Etzel /Golden Eye Designs

Ivory beaver charm by Vashti Etzel /Golden Eye Designs

Ivory beaver, home tanned moose hide, sterling silver findings. Has sterling silver latch to attach to charm bracelet or necklace.

Vashti Etzel is a Shuhta/Kaska Dene woman and a member of the Wolf Clan. Born in Ft. Smith, NWT, Vashti spent her childhood in Ross River, Yukon. Raised in part by her grandparents, Vashti grew up on the land and was immersed in stories passed down by her family. At sixteen, she dreamed of becoming a well-known artist. The birth of her first child renewed her passion for art and inspired her to continue her late grandmother’s legacy in traditional crafts. A self-taught artist, Vashti draws creative inspiration from her grandmother, her Dene roots, and the land, and is motivated by a desire to preserve her Indigenous heritage and culture.

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