Mama Rosebud necklace by Maria Rose Sikyea

Mama Rosebud necklace by Maria Rose Sikyea

From Maria:

Nana Rosebud 🌷 This necklace is a pattern from my Grandmother Rose. She was known as a excellent sewer and I am thankful to have one of her sewing bags, beautifully beaded, as a token to continue to do the work, for my children's future. This piece (with matching earrings) felt like a Valentine to myself, to allow creative fluidity with the feminine hearts of my families lineages. I used some of my favourite beads as a prayer of renewal; Welcoming the sacred femininity of the rose. It is compiled with: Green Onyx, Blue Vintage Whitehearts, Greasy Cheyenne Pink Micro Antiques, Vintage Venetian Glass Gooseberry - African Trade Beads, Pink Crystal Seed, Sea Blue Apatite, Rose Quartz, Pale Pink Opal Vintage French, Pale Pink Crystal's, Sterling Silver Beads, Sterling Silver Findings, Pink Coloured Caribou Hair, and Hometanned Smoked Moosehide.

Can be worn at two different lengths - 13” or 15 1/2”.

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