Moosehide Shá Studs by K’estuwé Pieces

Moosehide Shá Studs by K’estuwé Pieces

Delicious traditional smoked moosehide knots with sterling silver posts. The smell is heavenly!

Shá means knot in Chipewyan Dene.

Suzanne Hanna of K’estuwé Pieces resides in Hay River, NWT and is Chipewyan Dene. She is a talented artist who incorporates traditional materials in to her wearable art and has started giving her pieces traditional Dene names as a way to honour and preserve her language. She is also a mom to a beautiful daughter, Skye ❤️ Skye has recently joined her mother in a working partnership for K’estuwé Pieces. In the future you’ll see their pieces together!

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  • Designed and made in Yukon Nunavut NWT BC

  • Authentic northern art

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