Rose Pearl shawl by Randi Nelson /Métis North

Rose Pearl shawl by Randi Nelson /Métis North


Rose Pearl Shawl by Randi Nelson / Métis North

“This mink shawl was sourced from an antique dealer. I wanted to repurpose this shawl and to add some sparkle and beadwork. The original blush pink satin lining was the inspiration of the colour scheme and I was fortunate to find velvet in the same colour.

The beadwork design is mirrored after European lace and traditional Indigenous floral designs in all stages from bud to a full blossom, connected by pearl vines and gemstone leaves. In recognition of both of my heritages I used European antique seed beads, gemstones, crystals, and velvet to combine with traditional Indigenous materials such as dentalium shells and caribou hair tufting. The blending of these designs and materials represent a blending of my cultures.

The pleating of the velvet was added to create volume at the back of the garment and a fuller silhouette which allows for freedom of movement. I wanted to add this ancient technique of pleating as it was born to decorate the tunics of rulers as a symbol of wealth and power. Since the pleating of fabric requires more materials and time by hand to sew, it presents a luxurious regal flair in this piece.”