‘Spontaneous Expression’ by Kaylyn Baker

‘Spontaneous Expression’ by Kaylyn Baker

‘Spontaneous Expression’ by Kaylyn Baker @nanamomma  caribou hair tufting, moose antler, bugle beads, embroidery, Swarovski crystals, 24 kt gold beads, turquoise and magnesite. Backed on the most delicious smelling home tanned moose hide. 

This piece is 5” x 4” and had two pins on the hide side for easy accessorizing. A wearable piece of art 🌸

Kaylyn Baker is a Northern Tutchone & Tlingit woman from the Yukon. She is an avid beader, using various textiles to create her own designs, translating her work into mukluks, moccasins, and purses among many other things!

Main Street

Main floor of Horwood’s Mall

Whitehorse, Yukon TerritoryTel: 867-333-6644


  • Designed and made in Yukon Nunavut NWT BC

  • Authentic northern art

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2020 unorthodox Yukon