Tufted Buds in Bloom by Métis North

Tufted Buds in Bloom by Métis North

Tufted Buds in Bloom by Métis North.

“My name is Randi Nelson and I am a Metis Artisan. I have lived in the Yukon for the past 22 years, and embrace my culture through beading and crafting. I love to create items for my family and friends, and I am so excited to share my art with others.

This new design was inspired by my tufted bud series with the addition of heart shaped petals in bloom.

Aquamarine gemstones, 24 kt gold Charlotte cut seed beads, Thai gold hex and bugle beads and turquoise caribou hair tufting on velvet. 14 kt gold findings.”

Main Street

Main floor of Horwood’s Mall

Whitehorse, Yukon TerritoryTel: 867-333-6644


  • Designed and made in Yukon Nunavut NWT BC

  • Authentic northern art

  • Thoughtfully curated designers

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